AI-generated scary music


AI-generated scary music. Can you make it even more scary? Explore the songs below, or make your own mix!

Halloween'16: AI-powered scary imagery

In Halloween 2016, Nightmare Machine is launched at MIT. This project was among the first AI projects that tackles a specific challenge: can AI not only detect but induce extreme emotions (such as fear) in humans? Nightmare Machine is widely featured in the media, including The Washington Post, WIRED, The Atlantic, FiveThirtyEight and more!

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Halloween'17: AI-powered scary stories

In Halloween 2017, Shelley, the world's first collaborative AI Horror Writer is launched at MIT. Shelley is a deep-learning powered AI who was raised reading eerie stories collected from r/nosleep. She wrote over 200 horror stories collaboratively with Twitter users to create the first AI-Human horror anthology ever put together. Shelley covered widely by the media, including The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and more.

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Halloween'18: AI-powered scary music

Meet the Uncanny Musicbox. Uncanny Musicbox is an AI trained on thousands of songs to generate new ones -- but only with a catch: it takes inspiration from soundtracks of cult horror movies. Listen to what it created so far, or try to make it sound even more scary by making your own mix: add screams, heartbeats, wind, thunders and more to your mix!

The Uncanny Musicbox

AI-generated scary music.

The Uncanny Musicbox is an AI trained to generate music. But with a catch: it consumes 5-10 seconds from the soundtracks of cult horror movies as its evil seeds and generates new, terrifying songs! It also invites the public to make its creations even more scary. With the Halloween-special tunes we provide, make your own mix and share it with the world!

Special thanks to:

Selem Delul for his help on the website, Kevin Ennis for the awesome Mix.js library, Simon Rodriguez for the MIDI visualizer, and Casey's Caverns for the sound effects.